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I have practiced Pilates since 1982. I was lucky enough to meet Gordon Thomson an ex classical ballet dancer at Rambert and the Founder of Body Control Pilates, the first Pilates company for teacher training courses for both mat and machine in London.  For many years I was a client and in the year 2002 decided to train to teach, which I did with Gordon’s Body Control Pilates school.  


I now teach from my studio in W14 which is a small studio where you can take time out from the stresses and strains of your daily lives and dedicate the time to yourself. I have created a relaxing atmosphere for people to enjoy and relax in.


Over the years I have developed an exercise system to adapt to suit every ones needs whilst still treating them as individuals and concentrate on clients who are recovering from surgery or injury or just ageing issues which is a softer approach and can slowly help build back their strength.


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