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Pilates is very precise, intelligent excercise system, where the message is 'Quality, not Quantity'

'In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference, and in thirty you'll have a new body'.

'Joseph Pilates'

If you want to change your body, ''CHANGE YOUR MIND''

Helping both men and women to change the shape of their bodies through pilates method. I will look at you holistically, your age, your posture and shape, your lifestyle, you as a person and whats going on in your head, even the mood on the day. I focus one step at a time on getting you where you want to be. A Pilates session with me does not just work your body, it works on your mind as well. At the end of the session you will feel strong & relaxed, you will feel liberated and ready to take on the World.

Highly Trained Body Control Pilates Instructor

Specialise in One to One Instruction

Matt and Equipment

Better Posture

Increased Flexibility

Core Stability

Toned Lean Muscles

Rehabilitation from Injury and Pain

Mind and Body Strength

Breathing Technics

Body Shaping


I was advised to take up Pilates after years of back and neck strain. Dee came highly recommended by a number of friends and over the past 7 years has helped me through the birth of my twin girls, running in the London Marathon, Triathlons and life in general.

During my pregnancy, Dee devised a program which evolved as I moved through the trimesters. The exercises helped me maintain flexibility and alleviated any pains caused by carrying 2 children.


Now I spend less time running with the introduction of swimming and cycling to my exercise regime. Dee spends our sessions fixing any ailments that I may have picked up from training or office life. She has an amazing ability to pick up on any niggling issues and can always find a way to fix it.


South London


Having spent a lifetime hating the gym and most forms of exercise, it was a godsend meeting Dee 6 months prior to getting married. Not only did she give me a waist, toned my arms and much better posture she also helped with the niggling lower back pain, hunched shoulders and stiff neck that I had put up with for far too many years. Her dietary advice has been invaluable, but more importantly, realistic and achievable.


But most of all my lessons with Dee have been huge fun and I always look forward to seeing her  -  I never though I would ever say that about an exercise class or Pilates teacher.


East Sheen


After spending years pounding away at the gym, I was happy to find Dee and start Pilates. She has lengthened out my muscles and I have lost nearly a stone. Following Dee’s nutritional advice and practicing Pilates with her I find I don’t need to go the gym.   Dee constantly changes the exercises to keep them challenging and my body is continuing to change and become leaner.   Dee’s a great teacher and lovely person and I would recommend her to anyone.

Sara Ekar

Song Writer


I have been doing Pilates with Dee since she first started teaching 15 years ago. Friends are convinced that I have a picture in the attic that gets older as I stay the same. She believes everyone is an individual with a unique mind and body that she nurtures in a way that’s perfect for them and what’s happening in their lives. For years I worked 60 plus hours a week, my two Pilates sessions a week kept me going, giving me the physical and mental energy to cope.


Working with Dee, a great body is just the start of what you’ll achieve, you wont believe how much better your mind is too and how much more resilient you will be in facing life’s challenges.





Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Opening Times

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